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  • What is SCMUN?
    SCMUN stands for "See Change Model United Nations." It is a 2-day in-person Model United Nations conference held in Hong Kong that provides students an opportunity to simulate UN proceedings and find solutions to global issues through debates. SCMUN includes pre-conference preparation consisting of webinars and e-class with support and guidance for to support students so that they can optimize their experience at the conference. See further details under the question on what type of training will be provided by the organizer.
  • How is SCMUN different from other MUN conferences?
    Academic Program and Coach-Led Training: SCMUN follows an academic program with coach-led training, which differs from the more common student-led approach used in many MUN conferences in Hong Kong. This ensures a structured and comprehensive learning experience for participants, with dedicated guidance from experienced coaches. Preparation for Global MUN: SCMUN specifically prepares students for global MUN conferences overseas. The conference aims to equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and exposure to confidently participate in international MUN events. Global Pathway and Exposure: SCMUN offers a global pathway for students by providing opportunities for participation in MUN conferences at renowned universities such as Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) and Ivy League institutions. This unique feature allows students to further expand their global exposure and engage with high-level academic and diplomatic discussions.
  • When and where will SCMUN 2024 take place?
    SCMUN 2024 will take place on August 10-11, 2024 at the City University of Hong Kong. There is a 5-day boarding program at CityU to help students develop future skills in data literacy and communications literacy, in addition to getting exposure to a diverse range of academic topics through lab visits and lectures.
  • Who can participate in SCMUN?
    SCMUN is open to all secondary students ages 12-18 from around the world with an interest in international relations, diplomacy, and global issues.
  • Can I participate as an individual or do I need a team?
    Students can participate either as individual delegates or as part of a school/organization delegation. Both options encourage collaboration and negotiation skill development.
  • How do I register for SCMUN?
    Visit the SCMUN website at to fill out the application form and pay the registration fee by the specified deadline. Organizer will guarantee seats for registration completed before April 15. Registration is not considered complete until payment is made.
  • What support is provided for beginners or those with little experience?
    We understand that participating in a major event like SCMUN can be daunting, especially for students with little prior experience. However, we want to assure you that our program is designed to support and guide students at all levels of experience. At SCMUN, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all participants. To address different skill levels, students are streamed into beginner or intermediate/advanced categories. This ensures that you will be placed in a committee with other students who have a similar level of experience, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable MUN experience.
  • How many beginners participated in previous SCMUN conferences?
    Last year, we had a significant number of beginners participating in SCMUN. In fact, approximately half of the delegates were in the beginner category. This demonstrates our commitment to accommodating students at all levels of experience and ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn and grow through the conference.
  • What kind of preparation and training will be provided by the organizer prior to the conference?
    SCMUN provides extensive pre-conference preparation and training resources to ensure all participants are well-equipped for the conference: I. Committee Topic Reports Detailed reports on the topics of each committee are available for delegates to familiarize themselves with key issues and background. II. Orientation Webinars Online workshops led by experienced advisors provide an overview of Model UN procedures, roles and expectations. III. Research Techniques & Position Development Delegates learn best practices for conducting research, formulating positions, and drafting position papers through guided modules. IV. Negotiation & Debate Strategies Interactive webinars focus on developing persuasive communication, compromise and building consensus during sessions. V. 7-Day Challenge on Google Classroom This week-long pre-conference activity applies learnings through simulations and interactive assignments to enhance skills. VI. Q&A Support SCMUN advisors are available to answer any questions arising from the preparatory content. This training enables all delegates, regardless of experience, to participate confidently and make the most of the conference experience.
  • Will my school be expected to provide additional training for SCMUN?
    No, your school is not obliged or expected to provide additional training for SCMUN. Our program is designed to provide all the necessary hand-holding and training for participants. We understand that schools may have limited resources or experience in MUN, which is why we take the responsibility of preparing students for the conference.
  • How many awards are there? What is the selection criteria for award nominations?
    At the end of the conference, we will be giving out awards and also nominations for overseas conferences. Award List below - each award will be based on different criteria. Best Position Paper Outstanding Position Paper Best Debater Outstanding Debater Best Speech Outstanding Speech Best Diplomat Outstanding Diplomat Best Resolution Outstanding Resolution Best Delegation Outstanding Delegation Most Charismatic Delegate (Peer Voting) Most Friendly Delegate (Peer Voting) Awards are typically given based on factors such as public speaking skills, negotiation abilities, research depth, and teamwork. For instance, Best Position Paper will be based on the quality of research and writing, whereas the Best Diplomat will be based on ability to build collaboration among the peer group. Please note that awards are given at the full discretion of SCMUN committee chair if students meet the required proficiency level and mastery of relevant skills
  • What is the selection criteria for MUN overseas nominations?
    Delegates may have the chance to be nominated to participate in MUN conferences at prestigious universities such as Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) or Ivy League institutions. As far as nominations for overseas conference concerned, the nominations are made by committee directors and co-chairs based on three main criteria: Academic competency and overall performance at the conference, Social skills in interacting with peer group, and Emotional maturity to travel with the HK delegation with supervision. At the end, it requires considering all 3 factors holistically.
  • What is the quota for each school to get nominated for overseas MUN?
    For school teams, we have a soft target to have 2 students in each school team of 6 students would earn nominations (but we cannot guarantee which stream nominated students would be put up for: UK, US, or UN headquarters, as each has differing levels of competition.
  • How much does the SCMUN 2024 cost?
    The cost for the 2-Day conference is HKD 3500 per student. This includes pre-conference webminars and e-training to help students prepare for the conference.
  • Is there any scholarship or subsidy available?
    Yes, there is! Schools sending teams of 6 to the 2-day conference get 50% subsidy. For 2024 the cost is about HKD 1750 per student for over 24 hours of blended learning, consisting of online webinar /preparation sessions and 2-day conference pass. For overseas trips, a limited amount of scholarship is available subject to application and review by the scholarship committee.
  • What is the dress code for SCMUN?
    The dress code for SCMUN is typically formal or business attire. Delegates are expected to dress professionally to reflect the diplomatic nature of the conference.
  • What is the MUN 7-Day Summer Leadership Camp offered by SCMUN?
    The MUN 7-Day Summer Leadership Camp is an optional boarding program offered by SCMUN. It provides an immersive experience for students in a university setting. Participants have the opportunity to stay in the City University dormitory and engage in a range of exciting events and activities.
  • What can students expect to gain from the Summer Leadership Camp?
    The MUN 7-Day Summer Leadership Camp offers students a truly unique and invaluable experience. By fully immersing themselves in the program for a week, participants will gain invaluable skills and perspectives that will stay with them. Students have the chance to live and learn directly at City University of Hong Kong - one of the top universities in Asia. This gives unparalleled exposure to the thriving culture of higher education and mentality of campus life. Delegates are empowered to learn cutting-edge research firsthand through lab visits, talks from lecturers, and experiential opportunities usually reserved for degree students. Beyond academics, the residential setting fosters true cultural exchange. Delegates from diverse locales reside together, sparking global understanding through everyday interaction over meals, recreational activities and thoughtful discussions of international issues long into the night. Lifelong friendships are formed in this melting pot environment that broadens all worldviews. Substantive leadership training augments soft skills. Through intensive interactive modules, public speaking situations, and experiential roleplays, participants hone their ability to strategize, persuade, build consensus and tackle complex problems. They feel fully prepared to represent their designated committee with confidence at the flagship SCMUN conference weekend. All benefits of the Camp culminate in a certificate acknowledging impressive development. But the most valuable takeaway is inner growth - increased self-assurance, empathy, and belief in one's potential to positively shape international relations. The Camp creates once-in-a-lifetime ambassadors inspired to realize their role on the global stage.
  • Will students receive any certification or recognition for participating in the Summer Leadership Camp?
    Yes, all participants attending the Summer Leadership Camp will receive a certificate of participation. Please rest assured that our team is dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire SCMUN experience. We want you to have fun, learn, and make lasting memories. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or specific questions. We are here to help you have an enriching and rewarding MUN experience!

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