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What are Points-of-Information (POI)? Do teams get any POI?

POI is when a member of the team opposing of the current speaker briefly interrupt the current speaker. POI’s are NOT allowed in this competition. 


Are participants allowed to use devices such as iPad during the competition?

Yes, participants are allowed to use devices such as iPad or during the competition.


What should I do if my internet connection suddenly cuts out? Would the time it takes to log back on be counted into my allotted time? 

If your connection cuts out mid-round, log back into the ZOOM link and ask committee to assign you to your breakout room again. Your time will be paused until you rejoin your breakout room.


How do we know how much time is left on my turn? Would the judge provide any signal to wrap up?

The judge will provide a signal or share their screen to present a timer.


Would going beyond the allotted time result in a point penalty?

Going beyond the allotted time is NOT allowed. Each judge is allowed the discretion to give speaker time to wrap up. Failure to follow the judge’s instruction will result in points penalty. 


Which speaker should do the rebuttal?

The First Speaker will conduct the rebuttal for either side.


Would all participants receive a certificate?

Yes, all participants will receive a certificate.


I am not located in Hong Kong, how would I receive my certificate?

All participants will receive an e-certificate after completion of two preliminary rounds.


Are parents allowed to observe the competition? Should I join via a Zoom link or allowed to be in the same room as the participant?

Joining via ZOOM link is recommended for observers. Being in the same room as the participants puts them at a higher risk of being suspected of gaining outside help.


Do we have to stay for the entire award ceremony?

We encourage participants to watch the final round as a learning experience, and stay for the award ceremony to meet peers from around the world. However, it's not compulsory for participants to stay.

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